Monday, May 26, 2008

EVE Shenanigans and Project Alice

So, as most of you will already know, MC disbanded. I even had my own personal troll take the time to come to BoN and razz me about it. So cute...

Anyway, ETNY is still going strong, and has moved on to found Project Alice. We've been active up North (well, those of us with working PCs have...), and have merged with Vidar Fierd, another former MC corp with whom we have always felt a strong sense of camaraderie (thanks, spellchecker!).

With faction warfare coming, there's no telling where we'll end up. I'd really like to get waist-deep into the faction stuff, but may end up doing it on an alt.

Also, Episode 11 of The Drone Bay is recorded and edited. It'll go up as soon as the notes are done. Thanks to all our listeners!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Attention All Personnel...

I knew this was coming, since I had to sign the legal paperwork awhile ago, but I participated in the Tabula Rasa Base Announcement Contest. I have barely had time to play EVE the last couple of weeks, so the fact that the results have been posted escaped me. I look to get some sweet swag off this gig.

I am so witty!