Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Drone Bay Podcast: Episode 2 - Now With More Seismic Events!

The Drone Bay #2 (Click to Download/Play)

The Drone Bay returns for Episode 2! Yes, it’s the third episode, and I definitely had to re-record the intro 2 or 3 times to stop saying “Episode Three,” but meh. This week brings you more of the discussion, guides, and listener mail that you’ve been asking for. As always, please contact us with any suggestions or feedback.

Bring on the Drones:

First off is the weekly recap, where the guys discuss the end of the tourney (congrats Ev0ke!), the stalling out of the Delve offensive (for now), and the Council of Stellar Management. Also, the guys got a bit more media attention this week, which is good, because our egos need inflating. Check out Crovan’s CSM blog entry which got a bit of press from Massively and Ten Ton Hammer this week. CK’s economic segment notes also made Massively’s front page, so we are all feeling smugly superior for a bit.

In DON’T PANIC, thanks to popular demand, the crew discusses corporations and how to look for employment in EVE. One site we are plugging this week is EVE-Careers, a very slick looking database and classifieds site for both employers and prospective employees.

In the listener feedback section, the guys tackle a few questions about starting out in PvP, as well as explaining just what on earth skill hardwirings are for.

The discussion this week centers on suicide ganking, particularly the recent all out war on high sec miners on behalf of Goons and their alts. Tune in for their sage and wise suggestions, all in a continuing theme of telling CCP how to run their game.

Please, please keep giving us feedback. We can’t get to everything every week, but we do appreciate the input and questions. Also, please drop us a Skype voicemail or e-mail us an mp3 if you want to hear your own voice on the show (provided you sound decent and don’t talk nonsense).

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  1. A new episode already? Superb! I'll download it tonight when I get home from work.

  2. Really enjoyed the podcasts. Good work! Keep it up. Am I allowed to say I liked it more than The Other Eve Podcast? Fewer acronyms is better for a Confused (age witheld) Noob like me. Phew!