Friday, June 13, 2008

Docking Request Accepted: The Noob Comes Home

I once again find myself in the land of apple pie and the Dallas Cowboys. It's good to be back, but the jet lag has been a bit rough. The USPS once again succeeded in destroying some of the more delicate bits of my PC, despite careful packing on my part, so EVE is still on hold.

I do plan to return to The Drone Bay this week, however, as well as to

Thanks to everyone who got in touch to wish me safe travels!


  1. Welcome back mate!

    Now hide those chopsticks and show me how a Texan cooks a 2 inch steak on a BBQ!!


  2. The Drone Bay is not the same without you! :P

    Hope you enjoyed Japan, it's one of my dream to live there.

  3. Hurray and welcome back to the US! Glad you made it, tough luck about the PC though. Hope you get back to EvE when you can I will await the podcast patiently as always.


  4. Welcome back! Glad you got back safely, pity about the the podcasts.