Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Warpath Episode 5: We've Found a Witching Night. May we Burn it?

Phillip and Stephen return for Episode 5 after a shorter interval than usual. Bonus Warpath, this week!

First off, the guys discuss some news, including Warhammer's first Live Event, Witching Night, as well as the freshly released Patch 1.04.

After that, it's time to get knee-deep with the Old Gods as The Warpath gives an introduction to Chaos. Grab your eight-pointed stars and summon your demons!

Listener mail is a bit shorter for this episode, since Episode 4 had only been up for about 36 hours at the time of recording. In the future, the recording schedule should be more consistent, allowing for more consistent editing turnaround. Thanks to our listeners for bearing with us as we get this thing rolling.

As always, if you wish to contact the hosts, you may do so at warpathpodcast|at|gmail|dot|com. Also you can always drop by The Official Warpath Forums and say hello to other listeners there, as well as find out how to get involved in the official Warpath guild, The Dogs of War, on the Phoenix Throne server.

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