Sunday, April 1, 2012

Contemplations on a Podcast

First, as a disclaimer, this might not be the best day for this post, as it is totes not a joke.

As many of you know, I was once one of the hosts of The Drone Bay Podcast. I've tried to restart the show a couple of times, but it never took, mostly because my interest in the game waned again. That first burnout hit me hard, and trying to recapture my "glory days" with various corps just never panned out, as I know I've stated before.

Now, though, it's been a month since I've returned to the game (again), and I've started reconsidering my status as a community contributor. I've never been much of a blogger, except when the mood strikes, but I really do enjoy podcasting. The rub is that I just landed a job that gets pretty hectic in the summer time, and I live in Alaska TZ (1 hour west of PDT). That makes it hard to coordinate with peeps, and the busy nature of my summer will make it hard to edit. Still, neither of these is insurmountable.

That said, I am really feeling the itch again. It's been suggested that I talk to existing hosts and see about tagging along on an episode or two, but while I enjoy those shows, the format just isn't...the same if that makes sense. TDB was patterned a good deal after The Instance, and I really liked that style. Still, unless I find that niche again (I can't exactly teach the finer points of doctrines and such that I am still learning/relearning), it'll be tough.

So, I'm going to open it up to all eight of my readers. Is there room for a show like what TDB used to be? If I do make a new show, am I better off trying to resurrect the old name, or go with something new after a couple of false starts hanging over the old show? What about format? I don't know that I could do a solo show (too boring for me and you, frankly), so how many hosts are appropriate? I liked a lot about the three chair format, but it had its drawbacks, for sure. Basically if you have any thoughts concerning a new/rezzed podcast hosted by yours truly, please leave them here. This is an open call for help :P.


  1. Good idea, it'll be good to see TDB back. I'd use the old name and just be clear about that you're experimenting with formats, and use feedback to determine something that's workable and/or popular!

  2. I'd love to see the Drone Bay come back. It was probably my favorite Eve podcast back in the day. You've got a fan here if you could get it going again.