Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Noob Goes Gallente and Dings 70!

The last week has been a big MMO week for me. First off, my Orc Warrior dinged 70! Now it's dailies, heroics, and PvP for me. This actually happened sooner than I expected, since my desktop went down, and my laptop will not handle Conan or EVE. Thus, it was WoW-o-Rama for awhile, there.

Now, however, my desktop is fully operational again. In personal EVE news, I have stepped down from my director position in Eternity Inc. to join the Gallente militia for Factional Warfare. At the moment, I'm looking for a FW corp to join up with for awhile. I am hesitant to start my own at the minute, but it might come to that, if I don't get any hits on my recruitment thread.

If you have a Gallente FW corp and are looking for a 32M SP PvP specced pilot, look me up.

Also, Drone Bay will record tonight, come Hell or high water. I also managed to get another Rogue Signal up over at Massively, so please check that out.


  1. Crovan,

    I currently belong to an RP Gallente FW Corp called 'Strix Armaments and Defense' and we're very involved in the Factional Warfare thing.

    I don't know if you're interested in the RP aspect (We're RP in Local and Corp channels), but its a good corp with clear direction. If you are interested, please swing by the website.



    Carustine Dnari

  2. Gah, you're still playing wow? I couldn't stand it after a couple of months. But I guess 1 million players can't be wrong?

    Look up Ixion Defence systems for Gallente FW. I used to fly with many of those guys and they're good stuff.

  3. Grats on level70, personally I was ready to drill out my eyes at 40 something... Luckily I discovered Eve before that came to happen though.

    FW is definitely sounding interesting, and in that line I have gone and created a new "main" character to give both FW and Gallente a try myself.

    Hopefully I will have him in the fight soon, either in a the militia, or hopefully in a proper corp.

  4. I've gotten a couple of leads on Gallente FW corps, so thanks for that. Also, WTM, feel free to look me up in-game if you want to get in on some Gallente militia action.

  5. I may well take you up on that offer...

    Just need to get the propulsion jamming skill sorted and I'm ready to tackle..

  6. Crovan, did you ever find a Gallente FW Corp to join, and if so, are they recruiting?

    Also, I heard on the Drone Bay you're in Texas? I'm in the Dallas area is why I ask. It just seems wierd, because of all the gamers I know I can't find ANY that play EVE, but obviously they're out there!

    Let me know on that Corp; I'm still new and low SP, but I learn fast and have plenty of gaming experience.