Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Noob's Lamentations on AoC

So, after the accolades that got poured on it at launch, Age of Conan is being hit from all directions by a lot of criticism. Gaming news sites are taking notice, and for good reason.

I canceled my AoC account this week. The reasons why read like a list of the major criticisms of the game. The first warning sign for me was the lack of quest voice-overs after Tortage. It was a minor thing, but I couldn't help but feel that it was a sign of things to come. The technical graphical issues I was experiencing also didn't help, but were eventually resolved.

Basically, there is nothing compelling for me in the game, even in the 30s, let alone the grind to 80 and the bemoaned lack of end-game content. I was hoping that the lauded PvP system would give me more of the feel I have come to love from EVE in a fantasy setting, but it looks like I'll be waiting for WAR, since AoC's siege system is plagued with technical issues, and has been stepped back a number of times, already.

Speaking of EVE, I've gotten more involved in Faction Warfare, including running around with some more organized groups than you tend to get in the militia channel. It's been a great deal of fun and has really rejuvenated my desire to play the game, despite some of the issues that FW has.

The Drone Bay 13 has been edited and uploaded and will be out as soon as the notes are done and Brent has time to publish it.

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  1. i like age of conan, other than the bugs.