Saturday, March 6, 2010


So, I have once again returned to mother EVE. Yes, I am still playing WoW, but I've scaled it back to raiding a couple nights a week, mostly. EVE is where I belong for a variety of reasons, and now that my life is in a place where I can play again, I'm glad to be back.

Part of my return definitely centers around the dusting off of The Praxis Initiative [PRAX]. PRAX was my first corp, and I still credit it with keeping me hooked on the game in the early days that claim so many new players. I hope to be able to pass on some of what I have learned and help others the way the corp helped me...oh...and pretty blue explosions. Always with the pretty blue explosions.

Also, in related news, I've talked to both Al and CK. Maybe, just maybe, The Drone Bay will come screaming back from the ether to assault your mp3 listening device with terrible jokes.

In other other news, since some have asked, I didn't apply to the commentary cast of AT8. I wanted to, but I am just not going to have the vacation time for it, this year.


  1. Wow, good to see you back. Hope Drone Bay resurrects too.

  2. Welcome back! You were missed, sad you won't be commentating but hey RL is m,ore important! GL and good hunting

  3. T'was a pleasure to catch up with you sir!

  4. Absolutely awesome news that you guys might put together another show.

    I 'discovered' Eve around Christmas time, and your old podcasts. Love them all, especially ep 5! :)

    Hope to see you in-game. I've posted with my in-game name.
    Have a good one

  5. We don't talk about Episode 5, lest people break out the pitchforks and torches, again.