Thursday, March 11, 2010

Coming Soon: Faction Frigates and You

Apologies to anybody who saw just the accidenital post with only half the subject.

My recent return to active EVE-playing has consisted almost exclusively of frigate-scale FacWar activity. As a result, I have spent a tidy pile of ISK on some shiny new faction frigs.

In the coming days, I plan to share my thoughts, experiences, and any kills/losses of these shiny beasts. Some are kitted out with faction mods, and some are more budget-friendly (yes, that is possible!).

The current ships on the menu are the Federation Navy Comet, Daredevil, and the FotM Dramiel. Between my characters, I can fly most faction frigs, but 800m spent on half a dozen of them should sate me for now, unless someone feels like throwing another ship my way.

For the next round after these, I am open to suggestions. I know I should give the Slicer a whirl, but I'll need a few days at least to sort my small laser spec skills, first.

Stay tuned for some pimpalicious friggy goodness!

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