Monday, March 15, 2010

Right Click, Return to The Drone Bay

The time approaches. My EVE-related synapses have been warmed once more.

As mentioned, I've talked to CK about bringing TDB back from beyond the grave, and Al has put down his (admittedly l33t) tree-healing buttons long enough to resub to EVE.

My reason in writing this is not to officially announce the show's return, as we're not nearly there, yet. What I am after is feedback from you, the once and (hopefully) future listeners. So, please tell me, via comment, eve mail, email, twitter, or candygram, what you think we should consider changing as we look to the podcast's future. I assume regularity and consistency is number one, but I am speaking more in terms of content.

Oh, and while I am more than happy to take convos, as many of you know, understand that if I don't accept or don't respond, it's likely that boat violence is to blame.


  1. IMHO what makes a podcast good is the banter between two or more speakers. Good banter comes from friends and/or enthusiasm.
    As for topic, I am interested in tips on strategy. For example, I understand the mechanics of Eve like I understand the pieces of a chess board but I have yet to learn strategy. What moves can I make to increase my odds?

  2. Bring back "Don't Panic". Admittedly, I won't benefit from it as much as I once did, being in the game for almost a year now, but I can pretty much pin that segment as the single reason I didn't give up playing my first few months. Even with dated information at the time, I learned so much. It'd be a benefit to any new player to bring it back.

    Other than that, continue doing what you did best.. break down game mechanics, talk the nitty gritty. I wouldn't talk game news, events, or too much personal happenings in the game…other podcasts cover this stuff well now.

    What I think is missing is a good long discussion on how things work in the game. Things both new and veteran players will benefit from knowing. Even if you talk for 30 minutes about one ship... it's valuable info for anyone.

    Missions Collide does this in some ways, but it's still very PVE focused. If you can broaden the discussion, or get even more detailed, it'd be golden.

    Either way, i'll just be happy you guys are chatting on the air again. Great news if this happens. :)

  3. I would honestly move the podcast to its own site, and post blogs and news on that site, as well as the podcast. I think that you could quickly gain back old, and bring in new listeners with a dedicated site like that.

    I don't have any big issues with Virgin Worlds other than that it takes too long for things to get posted. I want to hear it as soon as you guys are done editing, not days later because some 3rd party too their time posting the audio.

  4. Any idea what something like that would run, AnMith? I've never really looked into the bandwidth costs that a podcast would incur. I don't think I could pony up $100 a month to run the show, but it's an idea I'm considering, especially given how CK's blog presence has grown. I love VW, but it seems like a lot of the shows have podfaded, ourselves included.

  5. Crovan, check AnMiTh sites out they absolutely rock ( excellent customer service) As far as the show....Don't panic for the newbs, Big Alliance news woudl be cool, maybe a little FW if that is your thing. I never knew what happened with all of you so that could even be a show.

    You'll seem to work well together so the banter/discussion points would be awesome to hear.

    Best of luck

  6. Is that a typo, or does AnMiTh have a hosting service?

  7. I've heard good things about Squarespace, before, and I know the Podded guys use it. I may hit them up, since it looks like you can get a nicely featured site with 2Gb of storage and 175Gb/month bandwidth for about $20/month. Add in the fees for a domain registration and the initial cost jumps a bit, but that would be the case with anyone.

  8. You don't have to host the bandwidth on a site Crovan, you can post it to the Internet Archive, Odeo, and several other podcast services and just put a flash player and download link on the blog page.

    There are many free posting services (with Pro plans) that let you do this. The hosting is also put on their sites which they then generate revenue from.

    They would just have to find a package that suits them and allot of the free blogging sites would allow you to post it and would do in a pinch.

  9. *note: it should read "(also with pro plans if you need them)"

    got a little too happy with the Delete button.

    Also next time if you are going to stop, please at least do a short audio blurb(s) about going on Hiatus. There is nothing podcast listeners hate more than a podcast disappearing (because they only see/listen to it through a newsfeed) except for maybe paying for it and getting crud all for their money. If anything I think that this is going to be a hurdle you will have to work to get over.

  10. Sorry for the late reply. Yes Crovan, I run a web hosting service. I could set you up with hosting at any price you need, email me at to talk details.

  11. Hi, I got tuned in to the old episodes and love the idea. If you all could banter a bit, discuss tactics, s tragedy, mechanics, news and dev, ect, that would be enough. good convo with good friends. make up hypothetical situations and discuss fits for scenarios. I would so tune in again and will check in often for news now. I hope you all bring the show back!