Monday, March 29, 2010

End of March Update

First off, I haven't forgotten about the Daredevil, but PRAX's current axtivities mean I haven't had as much time to fly it of late.

Now, on to what I have been working on. The infrastructure for the return of The Drone Bay is quickly being put into place. I have a domain, and have taken over the pre-existing libsyn account.

Al has put down the healbot and picked up the missile and (mining) laser again. He has joined me in The Praxis Initiative, so lols are guaranteed to ensue. If you are interested in finding ois what PRAX is all about and whether we may be a fit for you, check out the in-game channel 'PRAX'. We are newer player friendly, but also have our share of veterans and one bitter old noob.

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  1. That PRAX plug was pretty shameless, it might as well include a link.