Friday, February 8, 2008

2008 Predictions

Because every self-respecting blog should have one, here is my list of predictions for this year, in no particular order other than that in which they entered my brain:

  • BoB will be dug out of Delve, albeit perhaps slowly. Following this, there will be cries of "We planned it all at the barbecue of 33 AD. We got kicked out of the banquet room for some other schmucks."Following this, there will be a brief period of the homeless BoB that people have come to fear, but unless they find some territory to take root in rather quickly, they will go the way of D2, ASCN, LV, and so many others. There is no significant evidence, other than the self-righteous ramblings of the high level BoB members to convince me otherwise at this time.
  • BoB' Departure from 0.0 will not create a power vacuum. Instead, it will create a war vacuum. Many alliances have thrown their entire operation into the effort of preparing for the massive struggle that we are now witnessing. These sides are still self-interested, and are not terribly likely to just peacefully go on their way once BoB is toppled. Expect boat violence between the Morsus Mihi lead North, and the Pax Goonia of the South.
  • The North itself will continue its current path to stabilization, provided Triumvirate don't decide that they want another go.
  • The drone regions are prime to see a big power emerge. Smashkill has been on the road to that, but has hit some stumbling blocks, recently, namely RA. My prediction is that 2008 will see a major power rise up in this region, potentially enough to form a coherent coalition to take on the rest.
  • Tortuga will face at least one serious attempt to remove them from their new home. This may come from the displaced BoB, or bored Goons, but it will happen, and there should be a good show when it does.
  • CAOD will continue to be a cesspit, just like it always has been.
"But, Crovan!" I hear you say, "What about your prediction and hope for small-scale warfare returning to the game at large this year? Isn't a lot of this mutually exclusive to that?"

The short answer is no. The long answer is that this amalgamation of power blocs around the game, and their coming together and beating the piss out of each other is a long and time-honored tradition in the game, but in between, there are periods of relative stasis while the powers all set up their pieces, annex new territories, and bully their neighbors. In these times, the mercenary thrives. Given that I am, at my core, and internet spaceship mercenary, I can't help but hope we'll see it again before returning to BLOB: Online.

Credit to Exekias for the "Sign of the Apocalypse" image.


  1. Nice one, look forward to reading more :)


  2. CAOD will continue to be a cesspit, just like it always has been.

    It wasn't always a cesspit. You're just too much of a noob to remember the days of yore =)

  3. Tell me another one, grandpa =P