Wednesday, February 20, 2008

EVE Online Economic Newsletter for Q4 2007: A Bitter Old Perspective

First things first, EVE's Quarterly Economic Newsletter for has been released. If you are at all interested in the EVE economy (or if you are interested in seeing some numbers from what I see as the best game economic microcosm in the world), then please have a read. It is approachable to the relative economics novice, but to really get the full meaning, at least some training is necessary (even just remembering those bits about aggregates from your high school macroecon class).

Some of this quarter's highlights include: a travel audit for characters within EVE (who is going where), a look at the market fluctuations surrounding the Trinity release, the effect of game changes on the market, and some other tasty tidbits for those who know what they're looking for. One thing I am looking forward to with some anticipation is the production of the Gross User Product (GUP), which is effectively a Gross Domestic Product for EVE's community. The QEN is not for everyone, but for those with an interest in high end market play, or merely a healthy curiosity about a virtual economy that can justify the employ of a PhD in Economics, then please give it a read.

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  1. There is definitely a wealth of information in these reports.

    Having an economic background, I find them utterly fascintating. Yet there is also much to be gained in-game from having an understanding of the "macro" situation.

    The GUP figures will be interesting to see, especially in the light of the Bob/RSF war, after all isn't war good for the economy?