Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Confession

First off, sorry to my subscribers (both of you) for the deluge of posts tonight, but the writing urge tends to hit me in bursts.

This week's poll was a way to initially test the waters for the reception of the community who cares enough about blogs to click a link on the official forums to a new EVE blog. So far, the comedy answers are winning, with "No" in a distant third, and "Yes" dwelling in the cellar with 0 votes.

This more regular method of community news and interaction has a second, secret (well, not any more), purpose. I have tossed around the idea in my head of beginning my own EVE podcast. Blinky and Urban at Warp Drive Active have been inspirations to me, demonstrating that an EVE podcast can last longer than 10 episodes. Also, through the Podcast Collective at Virgin Worlds, I've been introduced to a much wider MMO podcasting community than I was previously aware existed, let alone at the consistently good quality that the Collective shows demonstrate.

My roadblock is this: I am still trying to make sure that I have the time and desire to regularly commit to a podcast on a weekly basis. Also, as of yet, I would lack a co-host. As Brent demonstrates in Virgin Worlds, the one man show can be very successful, but I am not sure I have his breadth and depth of capability that is no doubt required to go it alone.

I am not sure what kind of feedback I am really seeking, here, but please comment with your thoughts on another EVE Podcast joining beside (not against) Warp Drive Active. I was thinking "The Drone Bay."


  1. To the person who voted Yes:

    I see what you did there.

  2. Imperius BlackheartFebruary 9, 2008 at 9:27 AM

    Wow, liking how often your posting :)

    As for another podcast, I think its a great idea, i'm a huge fan of WDA and listen to every show a couple of times a week. Blinky and Urban do a great job without a doubt, but I still feel there is room for another one or two eve related podcasts, theres a lot that goes on in EVE, and a lot of perspectives people can have.

    Great idea, and I hope you give it a shot.

  3. Personally, I'd try to keep the blog up and running for a bit, first. Build a community of readers (and commenters!), see if you have the time and motivation to keep it going. Then go for the podcast :)

  4. I agree with Yalson, you should build the blog up first, perhaps a months worth of content and get the subscriber/reader base up. Before you move into podcasting you might also want to see if you can get a guest slot on WDA to cut your teeth before going solo or with a partner.

    Other than that you're on the right track, best piece of advice I was ever given for blogging/websites was that good content is king. You have good content and you're getting a good reader base so keep it up!

    (Proud to be 50% of the subscriber base! :)

  5. I'd try to keep up blogging for a while if I were you. People tend to fall off the wagon quicker if they take on to much.

    I'd personally love a decent eve podcast, since WDA tends to be... alot of fluff and little content, its slow, unorganized and does very little to engage the listener. If they actually talked about Eve and cut the show length by 50% I might consider to go back and listen to it again. It's by far the worst of the VW collectives shows, and i've listened to all of them for quite a while.

  6. Thanks for the input. I've got to say, I really am a fan of WDA. Sure, they don't keep a strict EVE focus, but I'm really ok with that. It is very reminiscent of having an EVE discussion with some buddies on TS. Like those conversations, it tends to sidetrack a bit, but I don't really have an issue with that.

    I do think I will begin by giving the blog some time to mature and get myself a solid group of readers. I am very keen on getting more people to comment, so please continue to do so. My other issue is that I want to have a show based around discussion of the news and whatnot in EVE, so I feel like I would need a co-host. Perhaps that search can begin once I feel the blog is something I can keep up with and commit to. So far, I am giving myself the ambitious goal of writing twice a day. If I make half of that, I'll consider myself as doing well for now. I'd also like to break 500 daily visits. Thanks to some link love by my EVE friends, as well as Brent from Virgin worlds, I'm already well on my way. I suppose the trick now is to maintain it.

  7. I think that focusing on the blog first and posting on a regular basis (say once or twice a day, not 20 times!!! =) )is a good way to start.

    Then once that becomes routine, look into the podcast. As previously said there's still room for a good podcast or two. I've got a few ideas myself and would love to chip in.

    Maybe we can through a few ideas back and forth as you work on your blog (and I do the same) and see where this goes.

    Let me know!

    PS.: Spread your posts over a few days instead of a lot in just one day. It helps with the readership.

  8. Another thing would be to see if WDA would let you be a "semi-co host" on occasion. Or since they are having a hard time doing weeklys, just doing one or two of your own as filler.

  9. First off, great to have another Eve blog, keep it up.

    Regarding a podcast, yes there is definitely room for another podcast.

    In regards to a co-host, perhaps consider more than one (say three), that way it may help keeping up with the schedule of podcasts easier.

    Also, maybe look at getting co-hosts from other parts of Eve, i.e. new/experienced, East/North/South/West residents, industry/pvp... etc That way you can get all the flavours of Eve....