Thursday, February 7, 2008

I promise not to rant...much.

If this post is the only one present on the blog when you are reading it, chances are you are a friend, a friend of a friend, have powerful Google-fu, or are somehow affiliated with me in-game.

Other EVE blogs exist, I know, but I always feel (quite conceitedly) that I have something more to add to the conversation. This space exists for me to indulge that desire to render my opinion on various matters related to EVE, as well as to provide news and analysis of said news. I plan on having a healthy mix of current events and op-ed posts in here. For guides to the game, I encourage you to visit my other contributions to fan publications, namely the Warp Drive Active Podcast and EVE-Tribune.

One of the functions this blog will also serve is to provide links to my contributions to the above fan publications, both of which are definitely to be applauded for their quality and contribution to the community.

If you know someone who would benefit from, or be interested in participating in, intelligent discussion about EVE, ranging from pure in-game analysis to commentary based on real-world political and economic practices and theory, please pass me along to them.


  1. Happy to share the EVE Blogsphere with you pal!! Looking forward to reading the rest of you posts.

  2. Thanks for the welcome. Winterblink linked me to your blog awhile back, and you are actually part of the reason I decided to do my own.

  3. Just finished listenning to WDA podcast #26. Loved your piece on Tracking.

  4. Thanks. I'm working with Blinky and Urban on more guide content for the podcast.