Tuesday, February 12, 2008

EON Awards Voting Opens

The voting for the second EON Magazine Awards for EVE Online is now open. This year's categories are similar to last year's. I've noticed some oddities, though. Veto is listed as a nominee for best newcomer. Call me crazy, but I thought Veto showed up in '06. If I'm wrong, though, it wouldn't be the first time. This year, two different player meets are on the schedule, one in the U.S. and one in the UK. Hopefully these will actually come to pass, as last year's unfortunately got canceled. Winterblink and Warp Drive Active (both the comic and podcast) are up for some awards, so grats to Blinky and Urban. Rest assured that you guys have my vote (my alts, however, are still on the fence).

This year's winners get a nice paperweight, and bragging rights for the next year, but, then again, what award show offers more than that?


  1. On the forums however there seems to be some controversy about the nominees, especially the lack of Tarminic in the Forum Warrior category.

  2. I say hooray for Blinky and Urban!!!

    As for the dead weight, it's quite nice actually.