Friday, February 8, 2008

Intro and Thank Yous

Well, the blog has now passed 24 hours of age, and has not died a horrible death. I have yet to receive any real flames (other than a half-hearted troll from Avon of BoB), and I've already gotten some advice and link love from some of the other bloggers and players out there, so I'd like to take a moment to thank them before heading to work today.

First, thanks to Exekias, CEO of Eternity Inc and creator of the images I've used on the site thus far. Exe has been making sigs and banners for the MC for over a year now, and always does quality work.

Next thanks to Winterblink, fellow MC pilot and long-time community celebrity for linking me on his blog. If you havent checked out the Warp Drive Active projects (both the comic and the podcast), then you are missing out on some of the best fan-created content in EVE.

Also, thanks to Crazykinux for the link on his blog, as well as his endorsement in his comments to my first post. I was a bit worried the other bloggers might come at me with knives.

Finally, thanks to all of you (about 400 so far) who have read the blog so far. If you enjoyed it, please bump my EVE-O thread. The goal is to get some good discussion going, either through comments to my blog, or through entries on other blogs, so please feel free to participate and promote the discussions to other people.

Since we're more than a full day in, now, I reckon I should give you a bit of background as to who the Bitter Old Noob is. This involves a confession. I am actually not terribly bitter, nor am I old (23 years old at the time of the blog's inception), and while I may be a noob at heart, I am hardly one by calendar age in game (over two years, now). I just really liked the name.

In game, I play Crovan, a Gallente sub-capital specialist (read: too cheap/poor for cap books) of about 28 million skill points. I've been a member of the MC for over 18 months now, and before that was a member of ISS through my first member corp, The Praxis Initiative. Since then I have been in Sharks With Frickin' Laser Beams for about 6 months, and the remainder of the time has been spent with Eternity Inc (ETNY). I've been a director in ETNY since the beginning, and served as CEO for about 6 months, before taking a break from the MC, joining 0utbreak for two weeks, then running back when Marko wanted me to mine more than Seleene (teehee).

In real life, I play a 23 year old American male specced in politics and economics (and lengthy pontification), currently living in Japan and working as a private English teacher (hence work on Saturday morning).

Thanks for reading!

Edit: As a quick aside, if there is something about the blog you don't like (aesthetically as well as my opinions), please let me know. The last thing I want is people to tune out because of my poor choice of color combinations.

1 comment:

  1. Flames for "color combinations"?

    Honestly: i'm sure you have an idea on how UTTERLY HARD it is to "find" someone who can spell correctly nowadays. And, on top, of that, make sense... it's not easy.

    You, sir, have achieved that, so... screw the colors. *1

    Props to you, keep up the good work.

    *1 - or "colours", if you prefer.