Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Drone Bay Goes (semi) Officially Online

Well, I was going to wait to throw this out there, but I can't contain my excitement, so if it goes up in the next 24 hours, you'll get bonus postage from me, sorry.

As CrazyKinux mentioned in his most recent post, the Drone Bay's first episode is edited and sent off to Brent of Virgin Worlds. I already told you that much, but the most recent news is that Lord Brent was pleased with our offering of wise, learned opinions and discussion and has deemed us worthy! Woohoo! Right now we're just waiting for the website to be set up for us so we can start pimping that link out like nobody's business. Thanks for the suggestions, offers of support, and offers of help that you guys have already given.

I'll give a preliminary plug and say that if you really enjoy EVE podcasting, and especially if you enjoy our show, you should become a member of Virgin Worlds and show your support for Brent, who puts a huge amount of personal time and money into the endeavor of giving the Bitter Old Noobs out there a place to call home. One of the neat options is the ability to sponsor a podcast. If you want to become The Drone Bay's sponsor, I will shower you with love and praise

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  1. Congradulations indeed on your first upcoming Podcast...I cannot wait to listen