Sunday, February 17, 2008

New EVE Podcast Enters Pre-Pilot Mode

Late post today, but it's been a busy morning talking with my co-conspirators.

That's right, just a few days after my pre-pre-Alpha announcement, I have two very strong co-hosts on board to undertake this adventure with me. CrazyKinux and Alsedrech will be collaborating on EVE's newest, yet to be named, podcast. CK is someone who I have only met via the EVE community, and I have admired his blog work from afar for awhile now. We decided that things are firm enough to go ahead and make it public and semi-official. You can check out his thoughts at his blog, linked above. Alsedrech is an old friend of mine with loads of gaming experience. He is an unknown to the EVE community, but will be a great asset to the show both in terms of speaking ability and acting as the new player who keeps the vets in check.

We're working on a lot of ideas for segments, and not much is solid as far as final format. What is confirmed is that we will be laying down the initial format this week, and hope to have a pilot Soon (tm), probably in the next couple of weeks. I'm very excited about getting this going, and I know the other guys are as well.

What we still need is suggestions and thoughts on segments. If you have something that you'd like to see that isn't on the list, please share it.

We also lack a name. If you have any good suggestions, please pass them on. At some point, I may even institute a naming contest with a prize for the winner.


  1. Normally, i refrain from giving opinions before my morning coffee mug, but hey, i feel relentless today (gawd, that was such a bad pun, i'm sorry).

    - interview random people. Deviate a bit from the people-everyone-knows, and get some random feedback from unknown players. Doesn't matter if they are noobs or are playing for 3 years in carebear corps. Get to the "behind the scenes". Sometimes, nameless players can have valuable insight.

    Oh, names. Here's nothing:

    - Capsule Cast
    - Bitter Old Pod - or New Pod
    - Pods in Space
    - War of the Pods

    Sorry, i still get a bit weird when i've been podded recently. Does it show?

  2. I agree with BAteh in that you should interview randoms but you perhaps should also try and get a few 'celebs' on to raise the profile, both well known and more niche ones. Having Chribba on your first show would be amazing but there are also lesser known icons such as the Pirate Kessah of Blood Corsairs who did the Forever Pirate series who could be good interviews.

    One Man and His Pod?

    Although saying that I think something slightly less cheesy would perhaps be better, WDA for instance is an awesome name.

    Transversal Velocity
    (How many people actually know what this is?)

    (a pilot in a capsule is "encapsulated" but it is also what you are doing when you summerise the week in eve for the listeners)

    Probably will think of some more suggestions later.

  3. "Transversal Velocity" would shorten to "TV", which would be awesome...
    (and HEY, transversal is very important :P)

  4. nice idea, I'm up to be interviewed regarding ancient mating techniques of asteroids or 'how to weld together a rifter in just 3hours' special segments. I made the same offer to blinky/urban but they never take me up on it... I think they hate me.

    as for a podcast name:
    *Space Goo
    *Taranis Destruction Hour
    *Caldari Renegades On Valium and Nicotine (CROVAN)

  5. Some funny name suggestions, here. Oz, we may take you up on that offer. I like your name choices, but they're a bit me-centric (not that I normally mind that). ;)

  6. how about podcast? *ba-dum tish!*

    but yea, it's always nice to have another voice to listen to in the depths of space, so good luck mates.

  7. So far "The Drone Bay" is still my favourite!

  8. OZ! We don't hate you! We are just very crap at getting back to people! Has Blinky sent you the art book yet BTW?

    Personally I think "The Drone Bay" is an awesome name too

  9. "The Drone Bay" and "Transversal Velocity" both work for me....

    Technical analysis - You should definitely do more segments like the tracking one you did for WDA. I know I found that really interesting.

    Current affairs - Maybe look into some of the smaller conflicts that are occuring in game. The history, people, events, key moments...

    Politics - Your opinions and predictions for the future, we all know what has happened, but it is what is going to happen that is interesting.

  10. The Dorne Bay sounds like a good castname to me. Drop me an evemail or msn me o.zombie|at| if you wish to discuss my appearance fee (usually paid in omber roids)

    and urban - no

  11. My Suggestions:

    The POD Show
    The Eve Files
    The Trinity Show
    Warp To Zero

    I sent a mail, but if you'd like some help with the show I'm game as well.

  12. I would love to hear a segment about what goes on in the head of a gate camper. You could even do a play-by-play of a large group of pilots hunting down gate campers and blowing them into oblivion.

    I have not recently been podded by a gate camp in case you were wondering.

  13. I would love to see some articles on corp management and role applications. This is a topic which I feel is fairly confusing and many could probably benefit from it. In the same way I think that descriptions of how higher end manufacturing takes place would also be good(moon mining, reactions, assembly arrays, etc.) These topics have not been touched on much by other prodcasts.

    Best of luck with the new cast. I know I'll be listening.