Thursday, February 14, 2008

KoS Disbands, NOL Booked Through February

In this thread, She Storm announced that Knights of the Southerncross is officially disbanded. This is something that many saw coming, as Goonswarm openly announced that KOS would be first against the wall after BoB was done. Apaarently AAA wanted in on the action as well, and beat them to the punch. KOS formerly occupied most of Tenerifis and parts of the other regions that were taken from LV a year ago. With YouWhat dead as well, and BoB on the ropes (I've got a private table reserved in NOL), eyes will start turning to the next potential hegemonic force. The time that I discussed in an early post where I predicted (not hard, really) the Northern and Southern Coalitions turning against each other is likely close at hand. There are other options, of course. The south could well enter Pax Goonia, and the North could all board the NAP train for the next six months, but where's the fun in that? My prediction is that BoB will lose Delve, and with it a huge chunk of members. They'll conduct guerilla warfare from the NPC stations in Delve, and may even be able to take space off of someone, but it will be a long time, if ever, before they are making too many headlines again.


  1. Oh, North/South. A lot of speculation can come out of that thought....

    - I can see PURE. napping MM, IRON, RAZOR.
    However, i don't see TRI napping anyone soon. I also don't see SmashKill napping anyone soon.

    - Drone regions are a mess, with Ka-Tet looking stable and "nappable", with RA covering our (erm... their, i mean their) arses. The thing is: RA, will they opt North or South, when the time comes?

    - BRUCE is getting better by the day, but even though they started in the North, will they opt for a southern allegiance?

    - I imagine IAC/AAA/TCF/SCA might all nap, with Tyrrax pulling some strings behind the scenes.

    Fun times ahead. :)

  2. So you're wondering who is next? You think it will be North vs South? I think so but only after RA and Goon have killed MC (Tortuga). Enjoy Period Basis for the few weeks you have it and grats on the 6 pilots MC sent to NOL.

    - Zeoliter

  3. The point of this blog is intelligent discussion, not your chance to take a jab at an MC pilot for taking your region, but it's your post.

    I frankly see your analysis as backward. Why on earth would North or South kill us off when we stand to be a potentially critical player when they come to blows? BoB is clearly learning the lessons of what happens when you alienate or kill off your own potential allies. Besides, I don't think anyone is under the illusion that any side will be prepared to make a major offensive. Everyone's participation is down, and this has been a long grind. With the exception of a couple short carebear breaks, MC has been in constant combat for over a year now.

    I always find it funny when BoB pilots have a go at MC's fortitude. To step away from my semi-objectivity of the blog, you wouldn't have had Catch to lose, nor would you have lasted this long, without us.

  4. Not meaning to flame at all. You asked the question of who would be next and I answered. The Coalition doesn't really care about allegiences - look at KOS. And most of them hate MC with a vengeance and most in MC hate the Goons. The current situation is a NAP of convenience and they will (in my opinion) be going for MC when (if) BoB abandons Delve completely.

    It's just logical. They need targets. When an alliance stops attacking it gets attacked. Happened to LV, happening to BoB and I don't think the Goons will stop attacking. Why would they attack Bruce or whoever in Fountain when they have a neutral on their doorstep? You will be neutral when the BoB thing is over and you are next to their territory and they need targets. Simple enjoy PB while you have it. See you out there. :)

    - Zeo