Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Drone Bay Podcast is Up and Running!

Well, I warned that this might happen. No more than an hour or two after my last post, everything got sorted, and we are officially the newest member-cast of Virgin Worlds.

You can find our show at this link.

Also, with the whining threads in full force this week, we'll need a lot of bumpage on this thread to keep us on the front page.

Please give us any feedback or suggestions that come to you. If you have criticism, I'd appreciate it if it were kept constructive.


  1. Sweet! Downloading now...

  2. Nice, downloading now, been looking forward to it.

  3. Really nice show, keep it up!!

  4. Good show, got a link in from Crazy Kinux's blog. I like this site - some interesting and thought provoking posts here too.


  5. Great show..

    Loved the rant about forum whiners, you really hit the nail on the head about them.

    Though I must admit I also threatened my accounts over the proposed Carrier nerf.

    In terms of what games I'm looking forward to? Well I guess Spore, other than that there's nothing really calling my name.

  6. Good luck on your podcast!
    Can't wait to check it out at home.

  7. Excellent cast listened to it on my walk home from work last night and then to this morning so my one comment is based on that.

    As happens a lot when you mix stuff with your own voice in it I couldn't heard (esp when traffic got loud) your voice (crovan) I could hear everyone else but often your voice got lost with the background track you had running. So my one constructive criticisms would me to either up the level on your voice or drop the background track a notch or two.

    On Ambulation I'm really looking forward to it. I like the idea of owning a shop and of dressing my avatar also if they implement it the way avatars will change with time and need to be looked after (hair and weight changes) is very exciting. Also of course it opens up a whole new game for when mission running gets boring also will make team meetings that bit more engaging.

  8. I just finished listening to this today. I've only been playing EVE for a little over a month now and I must say that I found your podcast (as well as your sections on WDA) very interesting to listen to.

    As I said on my own blog (that I mainly keep just for myself, but is public), I really like the way that you teach people things but aren't patronising or condescending. Most new players hang in Empire for at least a while and having people slam you for being "a stupid carebear" all the time actually seems to compound the problem by making it seem even more like you're not prepared for 0.0 life. A self-imposed Catch 22 by the very people that want more noobs to hold to ransom - go firgure!

    But seriously, the main reason I'm posting here is that listening to your podcast earlier kind of encouraged me to try and get over my fear about engaging with the community's "big names". My corp are great but this game has such a buzz about its community that I don't want to miss out on it - so here I am, a complete noob, breaking the ice and saying hi.

    Well done on the podcast and here's to many more :)

  9. Great first shot Crovan. Nice to see another EVE podcast.

  10. Great Show !!!

    Looking forward for the next one !

    As an EvE Noob I think I'll learn a lot about EvE mechanics listen to this new podcast

    Fly Safe!

  11. Loved your first episode and look forward to Al's further adventures on the trail to non-noobdom! You guys do a great job of staying on point and keeping discussion lively. Plus you all have very pleasant speaking voices, so bravo!

    One constructive criticism: the background track was a bit overbearing in a few spots. Also, I'm not sure the droning tone of Eve music is the best accompaniment to your lively banter.

  12. The relative music level should be lower this week. We had some technical difficulties, but everything sounded decent to me when I encoded the mp3.

    As for background music, I'm open to change. Last week's was a mix of EVE music, AlienHand's EVE inspired tracks, and a track from the 300 OST I think. This week it's all AlienHand.

    Other than the EVE ambient type stuff, what do you suggest? I'm honestly open to more options, but want to avoid stuff with words. Thus far, I've also avoided movie soundtracks that are too lively and recognizable (PotC and LotR, namely), but would be open to trying some of them.

  13. Be fun to use original tracks composed by Eve players...I know at least a couple who compose their own (very good) stuff in the electronica/ambient vein. But...I can also imagine a potential mess of rights issues associated with doing so that might be more trouble than its worth.

    Do you really need musical texture behind your voices? You guys seem to fill the space very nicely with just your voices. I do like music (or other sounds) used as a video cue between segments, though. Be fun to hear a medley of in-game noises, like the station loudspeaker messages that drone on and one in some unintelligible language, the decloaking noise, turrets firing, laser mining, etc. Surely CCP could provide you with the necessary soundbites...overlaid on a background of Eve ambient, could be an interesting mix easily customized to set the desired mood.

  14. Of course, I meant "audio cue" in my previous comment. Sigh. My caffeine drip seems to have run out.

  15. Just so you guys know AlienHand has done an EXCLUSIVE mix session for me, which will be broadcast this Friday 27th Feb 2009 on Eve-radio ( check out for more info